E.O. Wilson and the Biophilia Hypothesis

In our last entry we discussed the idea of “biophilic design” – design that consciously implements natural elements in otherwise man-made environments. Today, we’ll take a moment to pay tribute to the man we have to thank for the idea of biophilic design, Edward O. Wilson. Prior to developing his famous biophilia hypothesis, Wilson spent… Read more »

What is Biophilic Design and Why Does it Matter?

Many people find that the more time they spend in natural settings, the more grounded they feel as they live out their days in urbanized civilization. Spending time in peaceful natural landscapes offers us a kind of perspective that is hard to find in the hustle and bustle of modern civilization. Back in the 1990’s,… Read more »

Make Your Office Eco-Friendly

In an age where our focus has shifted towards energy conservation, using renewable resources, and keeping workers productive and happy, many offices are going green. Short of installing solar panels, which still aren’t quite cost effective, there are several things you and your staff can do to both beautify and “greenify” your offices.   Make… Read more »

Bringing Plants Back From the Brink

We always recommend a professional plant service for the workplace to increase productive and improve employee morale, but often you want to breathe clean air at home too. Here are some DIY tips compliments of Foliage Décor Services. No matter how diligently you care for the greenery in your home or office, at some point… Read more »

This Spring, Spruce up Your Workspace with Greenery

Now that the snow birds are heading home,  months of hectic traffic patterns and lack of reservations have receded into memory, you might be getting tired of looking at the four walls of a stuffy office. When it’s so sunny and beautiful outside, it can be hard to focus on your work inside. By introducing… Read more »

Using Plants to Reduce Stress in the Workplace

In today’s fast-paced, high-pressure professional culture, it’s very important to make sure your employees and colleagues are operating at peak performance whenever possible. One way to promote positive energy and mitigate unnecessary stress is to add a little bit of greenery to your workspace. Recent research has shown that the presence of plants and blooming… Read more »

Clean the Air in your Office with These 5 Plants

In an earlier blog entry, we discussed the remarkable capacity plants have to act as natural air purifiers. In fact, some plants are so effective at cleansing the air of harmful toxins and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that NASA has studied them in hopes of employing them as air purifiers in space stations. In today’s… Read more »

A Living Wall For Garden Of Life

Recently, we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to construct a living wall for our health conscious friends over at Garden of Life in their newly built LEED certified headquarters, located in the beautiful city of Palm Beach Gardens. This project was no small undertaking, and we couldn’t be happier with the results! We… Read more »

The Benefits of Plant Life: In Layman’s Terms [Infographic]

When it comes to the benefits of live plants in the office, we honestly can’t say enough! In the past, we’ve written a number of different blog posts, detailing all of the major advantages that you wouldn’t even imagine plants had the ability to bring your way, and we understand that that can be a… Read more »

Can Indoor Plants Increase Your Attention Span and Focus?

Most people are aware that eating cooked and raw plants can be great for your health even though some still find them unappetizing. But did you know that plants can benefit you even if they are not on your plate? Recent studies have shown that plants can have a very positive effect on your brain… Read more »