Foliage Décor Services Photo Gallery

Foliage Décor Services gives you a wide selection of indoor tropical foliage office plants and exterior landscape potted plants in Boca Raton and the surrounding areas of Delray Beach, to make your space beautiful. To the North we serve Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, with lots of satisfied clients in West Palm Beach and central county. The photo gallery showcases a few of the many different plant systems used to bring the outdoors in.

With an array of specimen and unique plants to choose from, we can find the ideal foliage package for your office/atrium or country clubs or let Foliage Décor Services help you create a beautiful combination. Foliage Décor Services plant experts will help you select plants that will thrive in your specific environment based on foot traffic and lighting conditions. All of our tropical plants, blooming flowers, and green trees are guaranteed to always look as beautiful as the day we installed them, because we provide expert, professional weekly service and free replacement foliage.

Take a look at the potted flowers, plants, interior foliage, and outdoor gardens displaying many different color, texture, and size combinations. Our favorite projects are living walls, so please check out that page here. Call Robin at Foliage Décor Services at 561-784-5040 so she can put her 30 years FDS experience to work for you.