Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is a cornerstone of successful interiorscaping. Biophilic design operates under the principle that humans work, live and generally feel better in greener spaces where plants are allowed to thrive. Biophilic architecture works to optimize the relationship between human biology and nature, not only to make spaces environmentally friendly and economically sound, but also to help improve physical and mental health. Foliage Décor Services works with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) of Palm Beach to maximize the effects of biophilic design and biophilic architecture. We’ve also  been a long term supporter of Green Plants for Green Buildings, and a long term volunteer with United States Green Building Council in Palm Beach County in an effort to share the Biophilic design message while we clean your interior environments naturally with beauty. Bringing Nature indoors for over 30 years in PBC.

Biophilic design and biophilic architecture combine aesthetic principles of space, shape and flow that make an area useful and attractive with the biological instincts that give us a relaxing feeling in parks, around water, around pets and other natural features. Research shows that this biological instinct reduces stress and can actually speed healing, fight off illness and make us more productive, creative and effective workers. Working with AIA of Palm Beach and integrating research conducted on biophilic architecture, we are able to maximize these effects and bring the innate healing power of the natural landscape indoors.

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