West Palm Beach & Palm Beach Island

You don’t want to keep the plants and trees you love outdoors exclusively. Interiorscaping allows you to surround yourself with foliage in any interior area to enjoy a clean, fresh, sunny space under your roof. Foliage Décor Services makes it easy to bring beautiful orchid and bromeliad flowers along with tropical plants inside with professional interiorscape services throughout West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Island.

The tropical landscape is one of the many reasons so many people love Florida. While the cool air, shade and shelter of your home or business gives you a comfortable place to live and work, you miss out on Florida’s beautiful outdoor wonders. Interiorscaping allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds, bringing tropical plants, vibrant orchid and bromeliad flowers and even large acclimated trees and palms inside. We use our extensive knowledge and 30+ years of experience with floral habitats to find plants that thrive indoors and give you the unique aesthetic you are looking for. We have designed indoor foliage systems for upscale homeowners., luxurious clubs and HOA’s , along with progressive businesses all over Palm Beach County , adding delicate details as small as potted plants and as large as indoor gardens complete with flowers and trees.

Add the outdoor elements you love to your home or business and make your décor stand apart. Give us a call at 561-784-5040 or send a message to learn more.