Orchid Arrangements & Bromeliad Gardens - Palm Beach, FL

Orchid arrangements and bromeliad gardens are one of the best ways to bring a sense of the tropics to your office or clubhouse. We install and care for orchid arrangements and bromeliad gardens in Palm Beach, Florida and surrounding areas to make sure your plants stay healthy and beautiful all year round. You can make these gorgeous, elegant plants a centerpiece of your décor without spending painstaking hours keeping them up. Leave the work to us so you can simply enjoy beautiful flowers without a care. All of our programs are guaranteed – so you’ll always have a fresh arrangement of beauty to enjoy.

Bromeliads are tropical flowers with a neat, structured shape unlike other flowers. They exhibit bright red or pink blooms in a natural rosette shape, surrounded by thick green leaves. These plants grow close to the ground and often support themselves near the bases of trees or logs. They even grow on these structures without soil, providing the opportunity to make gardens with fascinating shapes and configurations. Orchids are another popular flowering plant. Known for being beautiful but also delicate, these plants can thrive indoors with the proper care. They can grow in rich pastel colors varying from white to pink to dark purple. When placed together, bromeliads and orchids can bloom at opposing times, so there is never a dull moment. That is why our orchid and bromeliad garden placement and maintenance are called blooming rotational services.

Order an orchid arrangement and bromeliad garden customized to suit your home or business. Contact us to learn more about these colorful flowers.