About Us

Foliage Décor Services delivers interior plants and green walls for your enjoyment without any worries. Our talented team has been providing top quality services in Palm Beach County since 2005. Our passion for plants and people shines through in every aspect of our work. Whether you’re looking to bring a touch of nature into your home, office, or any indoor space, Foliage Decor Services is here to transform your environment with the beauty and benefits of indoor plants.

Our extensive collection of indoor plants allows us to cater to a wide range of preferences and styles. From elegant and minimalistic arrangements to lush and vibrant displays, we can help you find the perfect plants to complement your space and elevate its ambiance. Our team of experts is well-versed in plant care and design, ensuring that each plant is carefully selected, placed, and maintained to thrive in its new setting.

At Foliage Decor Services, we understand that not everyone has a green thumb or the time to devote to plant care. That’s why we offer worry-free plant maintenance services. Our team will visit your space weekly, or as needed, to water, prune, fertilize, and ensure the overall health of your plants. This way, you can enjoy the beauty of nature indoors without any hassle.

Whether you’re seeking to improve air quality, enhance aesthetics, or create a more welcoming atmosphere, our interior plant solutions have you covered. We work with residential and commercial clients, providing tailored recommendations and designs that align with your vision and requirements.

With nearly two decades of experience serving Palm Beach County, we take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction and our dedication to the well-being of plants. We believe in the positive impact that plants can have on both physical and mental health, and we’re excited to share that belief with you.

Contact Foliage Decor Services today 561-784-5040 to discover how we can bring the beauty of nature indoors and create a space that inspires and rejuvenates. Let our passion for plants and people transform your environment into a more vibrant, lively, and enjoyable place.