Bringing Plants Back From the Brink

We always recommend a professional plant service for the workplace to increase productive and improve employee morale, but often you want to breathe clean air at home too. Here are some DIY tips compliments of Foliage Décor Services.

No matter how diligently you care for the greenery in your home or office, at some point you’re likely to run up against a sickly plant that requires some extra TLC. Unfortunately, many people assume that once a plant falls ill it’s essentially doomed do die. By finding out what caused the illness, however, you can often alleviate the symptoms and rescue your plant before it goes off to reside in the great greenhouse in the sky.

Don’t Forget to Drain

Sometimes, people water plants regularly only to find them wilting and turning brown in spite of their efforts. This can be a frustrating experience, and many people fail to realize that they may actually be watering their plants too much. Make sure that your plant’s container has holes in the bottom to allow water to drain out. Feel the soil with your fingers to determine whether or not it’s oversaturated with water. If it feels muddy or spongy, it’s time to ease up on your watering regimen.

Check your Container

Once plants reach a certain size, they’ll need to be repotted in order to allow them to continue to grow. If you don’t repot your plants the roots can become bound in a tight clump, effectively suffocating the plant. If your plant is spilling out of the edges of its current container, it’s time to find it a new home.

Inspect for Insects

Insects can be problematic for both indoor and outdoor plants. Characteristic symptoms of insect damage include yellowing growth and holes in the leaves of your plants. To check for insects, turn the leaves over and look for small white or black spots. If you spot these sings of insect infestations, gently rinse the plant in a sink to wash the pests off.

Trim Dead and Dying Leaves

Leaving damaged parts of your plants intact saps them of the energy they need to resume healthy growth. Trim these parts away to give them the extra energy they need to recover. Assuming they still have a healthy root system, they should recover with time.

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