A Living Wall For Garden Of Life

Recently, we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to construct a living wall for our health conscious friends over at Garden of Life in their newly built LEED certified headquarters, located in the beautiful city of Palm Beach Gardens. This project was no small undertaking, and we couldn’t be happier with the results! We were even able to incorporate their logo into this 12’ X 10’ floral facade. We used several varieties of three species in this eco-friendly project – Aglaonema, Dracaena, and Epipremnum. Check it out!

Living Wall

This is one of our most ambitious projects do date. We hand selected the 300 foliage plants from local quality growers who nursed this wall from a tender young seedling to the marvel of eco engineering you see before you. We’re happy to see it go to a loving family, but we’re suffering from a bit of empty nest syndrome. So, in hopes of populating the planet with more vertical vegetation, we’d like to take a moment to educate our readers about these lovely living walls.

Over the past decade or so, living walls have been cropping up in corporate offices, schools, and small businesses all over the world. Not only do they make for eye-catching focal points, they also act as natural air filters for the spaces they occupy. The largest of these walls is a four story biological behemoth at the University of Guelph in Ontario. This wall is so efficient at filtering air it that completely eliminates the need for conventional air purification systems in the building in which it’s housed, saving the university countless dollars in energy bills. Living walls come in all shapes and styles to fit most budgets.

Living walls are born in upright planters. A growing medium such as potting soil is used to cultivate the walls from seed to sprout. Often, hydroponic watering systems are used to maintain the walls as they grow and develop. Hydroponic systems are ideal for living walls as they require little maintenance and do a nice job of evenly irrigating the vertical surface of the wall. The last thing you want is a dead spot right in the middle of your living wall!

Want to learn more about how we grow living walls? Call today to speak with Robin – our LEED Green Associate design professional for a no obligation consult.