Using Plants to Reduce Stress in the Workplace

In today’s fast-paced, high-pressure professional culture, it’s very important to make sure your employees and colleagues are operating at peak performance whenever possible. One way to promote positive energy and mitigate unnecessary stress is to add a little bit of greenery to your workspace.

Recent research has shown that the presence of plants and blooming items such as bromeliads or orchids in the workplace significantly reduces stress and boosts productivity, creativity, and problem solving skills among employees. In a study performed by Texas A&M University, researchers found that plants in the workplace create a setting that is more conducive to business success. Men and women involved in the study demonstrated consistently higher productivity and problem solving abilities when working in spaces with plant life. Informal studies suggest staff are happier and more satisfied when plants are present in the workplace

Washington State University performed a similar study on the presence of plants in office spaces and their effect on the stress levels of employees. Researchers at Washington State also confirmed that the plants helped to reduce employee’s stress levels. The university tested their theories by monitoring the heart rates of employees in office spaces with plants versus office spaces without plants while they performed a difficult task. Men and women who participated in this study also reported feeling more attentive to their work when there were plants around the office.

This spring, consider revamping the interiors of your office spaces with vibrant greenery along  with seasonal rotational bromeliads or orchids to boost productivity and creativity while helping to eliminate stress among your employees. This way, you can be confident that each and every person in the office is realizing his or her full potential.

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