Make Your Office Eco-Friendly

In an age where our focus has shifted towards energy conservation, using renewable resources, and keeping workers productive and happy, many offices are going green. Short of installing solar panels, which still aren’t quite cost effective, there are several things you and your staff can do to both beautify and “greenify” your offices.

Make Dress Codes Casual

To keep heating and cooling costs down, allow your workers to dress casual. Forcing people into “office garb” suits and jackets can mean that you will run your air conditioning a lot higher than necessary. If you’re more relaxed with your dress code, there will be less complaining about the temperature. Also, as a bonus, your staff will be happier about being able to choose what they wear to work.


Get rid of those high energy light bulbs, and replace them with energy saving ones. Don’t leave lights on in empty offices or conference rooms, and turn off computers when they are not being used.


Recycling is as important in the workplace as it is at home. Print on both sides of computer paper, and recycle used paper. Recycle printer cartridges and recycle batteries properly. Rather than using traditional notepads, try using digital note taking applications instead.

Use Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

These may cost a bit more than their toxic counterparts, but they are almost always hypoallergenic and they tend to smell better. They clean just as well and are antibacterial, but they won’t upset anyone’s olfactory nerve.


Encourage workers to walk, cycle, take public transport or rideshare to work. This cuts cost for them, and gives them an opportunity to directly participate in your office’s ecofriendly initiative.

Use Greenery

Nothing purifies the air in closed spaces better than plants. They also add beauty to the office environment and help to minimize the effects of “sick building syndrome”. An added bonus is that it makes people relaxed and happy bringing the outside in, and having living things around them in an otherwise sterile feeling environment.

It doesn’t take much in the way of sacrifice to make your office more ecofriendly. You can do something to help the planet, and also create surroundings in which your workers will be more productive.

We have plant leasing packages that are also budget friendly as well. Now you can bring the natural beauty of plants to your office, and enjoy cleaner air and increased staff productivity. Call 561-784-5040 or reply to for more information or a no obligation consult.