Can Indoor Plants Increase Your Attention Span and Focus?

Most people are aware that eating cooked and raw plants can be great for your health even though some still find them unappetizing. But did you know that plants can benefit you even if they are not on your plate? Recent studies have shown that plants can have a very positive effect on your brain just by being around you in the same space. In fact, the research shows that when plants are in the workplace, they can improve the thinking process and help workers to maintain focus.

Indoor Plants Can Increase Your Attention Span and Focus | Foliage Design Systems of Palm Beach

In this age of ever changing technology, most people spend a great deal of their time in front of computers, hand-held devices and smartphones. We seem to always be in front of a screen of some kind, regardless of whether it’s at work or at home. Today’s scientific community has studied the effects that this constant relationship with technology has had on the condition of our minds. In general, this technology age has caused many to have a decrease in focus and a shortened attention span. But these new findings suggest that with some minor changes in decor, we can begin to remedy this problem.

If you can imagine yourself strolling on a spring day through a park and having your senses engaged by each flower, plant or leaf that catches your eye, you have experienced what the power of having plants around you can accomplish. Just as the color of flowers and plants automatically capture your attention when you’re out in nature, they have that same ability indoors. This is called “undirected attention,” and it is effortless. When your undirected attention is engaged, it allows the “directed attention” that we use for work, chores and our to-do lists to rest and renew itself.

Researchers are still studying this process of how plants capture your undirected attention while allowing your directed attention to rest, and attempting to answer a few questions about its effectiveness. It appears that having plants around may actually increase the quality of rest and rejuvenation that is gained by your directed attention during this time.

Though there are still many unanswered questions as to how the process works, it appears that even if you are one who chooses not to include leafy greens in your daily diet, you can definitely benefit from their restorative effects by placing plants in your home and work space. Call Foliage Décor Services today to learn more about how we can bring the cognitive benefits of plant life to your work space.