Indoor Plants and Live Plant Maintenance

Beautify your workspace and welcome your clients and employees each day with beautiful live plants from Foliage Design Systems in Boca Raton, FL.  We bring tropical beauty and fresh, natural appeal to your home, office or business,  and we take care of all plant maintenance so you can enjoy your indoor plants year-round in perfect health.

Clients across Florida enjoy the natural glow our interior plants bring to their own work experience and their clients’ comfort.  Indoor foliage displays differentiate workplaces from archetypal office décor into lively, unique spaces.  Choose from a wide variety of leafy and blossoming favorites including orchids, ferns, palms and more to select your own interior plant arrangement.

We’ll construct an elaborate or simple interior plant design to meet your needs from potted plants to boxes and trees.  Contact us today to set up your indoor plant décor.